Free Prediction, the most unique astrology prediction service on the web. Over 100,000 questions answered & predictions made. 94% satisfied members and overall accuracy of 91%. The free prediction service which is also known as Free Astro Advice is unique to Devjyotish.com .

No other website, app provides you specific predictions for your specific query. All predictions are manually done by Astrologer Rahul Gupta himself. All predictions are made based on Vedic astrology, i.e Jyotish. The free predictions are to the point and with clarity. No riddles! And definitely no hidden fees.

Astrologer Rahul Gupta is providing free prediction or free astro advice since 2009. It has been more than a decade since this service was announced. From answering queries related to marriage, career, divorce, start of new business, relationships to traveling abroad, progeny, love life and many more, we have only received your support and it has helped us to keep this service available.

No need to register, you can just fill in the form and check your email inbox. None of the data you submit is stored. Astrologer Rahul Gupta is the only person who sees your submitted birth details.

This is a free service column in which you can ask your questions related to any problem of your life. Ask anything on Career, Finance, Marriage, Business etc.

How can you ask for the Free Prediction?

Easy, just 3 steps

  • Fill in your birth details (this are required to create your horoscope),
  • Make sure you enter a valid email address (this is where your prediction would be sent)
  • Ask your question and click “Submit”.

That’s it, no registration required.

What will be in the Free Prediction?

Since Astrologer Rahul Gupta have to reply more than a hundred queries every month through “Free Prediction” section the answers given to the questions asked here will be to the point and aimed at your specific problem.

Devjyotish.com provides its users with free prediction or “Free Astro Advice”. Your queries related to Career, Love & relationship, Marriage, Business & Finance are answered by our expert Astrologer(s). This is a free consultation service.

What happens to your submitted data?

We do not store any horoscope with us after replying so if you have any further clarification about the predictions or if you want predictions in detail please order for them. All your birth details and queries are sent directly to Astrologer’s email Inbox, no one else can view them. Your privacy is our top most priority.